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  2. To Smile in the Lowest Places

    Somewhere between extremism
    And monotony
    There is a glass of wine
    Full of epiphanies
    It is your duty to find the
    Glass of truth, the goblet
    Of illumination

    It is your mission here in this experience
    To seek a conduit for novelty
    The universe rewards risk
    And calculated craziness

    Where the plan has gaps and voids
    You will become paranoid
    And god bless this moment
    This is what you have been
    Waiting for

    A chance for growth
    an opportunity
    To dance with
    Rapturous freedom

    To sweat sweet visceral
    Beads of joyous
    To smile in the lowest places
    And laugh at full

    To feel your soul explode
    With happiness
    To be hung-over
    And see the seas wind
    Blow into a girls dress
    And watch that fabric dance
    Just watch that fabric dance


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  4. Junk Removal pt2

    You die and youโ€™re gone
    But the junk
    You collected is
    Left behind

    So I come and take it
    For a fee
    Then it goes to the dump
    To rot like you

    So donโ€™t bother
    Buying a fancy picture frame
    Or a souvenir
    to remember
    That time you went to Florida


  5. cva13:

    Photography of the Human Form

    Photographer: Kathy Koreny


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    Plaids and tweeds.

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