1. So Warm

    When i needed someone
    she was there

    Red and loud and in my bed

    She had hair on fire
    She had white skin

    And a Victorian body
    Like some soft lady
    From an ancient
    oil Painting
    red wine on canvas

    She laid there for me
    Real beauty
    A painting already painted

    She was
    Milk through my fingers,
    butter on a hot pan
    sun through the window
    warm water on my wrist

    A white glove
    That fit so well


  2. bengifaldi:

    His hands were curiously cold,
    absolutely uncivilized
    with the instincts of a warrior;
    A passionate puppet of primal habits.
    The whole secret lies in that.
    Suffering to live off the fat
    of his vanity and crimes.
    His voice, a harsh note
    But necessary
    for the general welfare of a race;
    emotional sympathies
    For an unsympathetic character.
    A predator
    Living with rabbits.


  3. Mighty Timber

    my splinter
    looks infectious
    dark and purple, the colours
    they mingle
    so pretty
    on my finger
    my knuckles
    a tiny disaster
    on my
    a wooden
    but without consent
    get out little lover
    leave my skin
    you are the same
    as me
    pointy and intrusive
    but now you
    must go
    back to the
    flow to be reborn
    as a mighty timber
    in some great forest
    eons from
    this place


  4. #toronto


  5. You woke up today
    which means
    you got another chance

    just be aware of that.
    be aware of that


  6. These are just words.


  7. bengifaldi:

    A hero of bad timing
    And he knows he’s hollow
    but when lions come
    he stays.



  9. bengifaldi:

    Cosmology shaped by Nature

    spiritual imperatives 

    ensuring impermanence of traditional forms.

    Life blossoming in an arid desert

    near a single magic river

    carrying flow over desolate hills 

    like an umbilical cord 

    for the dunes and waste.


  10. bengifaldi:

    Four fingered infants
    crawling out of television sets.
    Chapped lips on cigarettes
    with brief moments of drug induced sincerity
    girlfirend squirts when she “nuts”
    Is this normal?