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  2. Old You Know Who

    I burnt my hands
    on her
    searing hips
    My grip was tight
    during the ride
    And now
    I feel the sting

    Her love
    was a boomerang
    I could not reciprocate
    She was a
    tornado passing through
    so true and
    But now
    a few years later
    I struggle
    remember her


  3. #hyperlapse #chinatown


  4. The Burning Wings

    Yes disagree with angels
    Set their wings
    on fire
    Watch the carbon
    return back to the sky
    The gods look down
    at my protest and
    nod with approval
    Systems must be
    Questions must be
    asked so they can
    be destroyed

    So the ashes from
    the burning wings
    floated up and
    disappeared back
    into the sky
    and the angels
    had no choice
    but to learn
    how to walk


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  6. #aperture is an opening through which light travels


  7. Junk Removal

    Its bewildering to drink
    A dead woman’s Disaronno
    A sip was gone from the bottle
    She didn’t like it
    And neither do i
    But i’m about to finish
    What she started

    Half deep
    The liquids disappearing
    Just like a dead woman’s body
    From her apartment
    A part of me feels invested
    I’m drinking the last liquids
    She ever purchased

    Here at the end of a strangers
    Life i feel deeply affected
    I am not unlike her
    One day i will be
    The dead stranger
    In a random apartment


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  9. This is where your possessions go #dump


  10. Just For A Second

    A deep confident chuckle comes over me
    And For a second i see everything

    I see all of my insecurities wash away
    And for a second i am with the stars
    Galactic and enduring

    So i have a smoke
    To appreciate the cool july
    Breeze through the nightime trees

    The leaves flicker on and off
    A perfect binary example
    Of lifes black and white tendencies

    So i watch the organic green switches
    Flicker and smile

    The wind giggles and so do i
    all of this silliness
    summarized in a few stupid words